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E.S. Nutrition, Inc

Pflugerville, Texas Food & Beverage

Elite Sweets

Pflugerville, Texas Food & Beverage

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Revolutionizing Snacking with The Elite Donut

 Welcome to the future of snacking, brought to you by Elite Sweets! Based in Austin, Texas, we're the creators of The Elite Donut—your go-to choice for a healthier, tastier, and more satisfying treat. As pioneers in the snack industry, our products bridge the gap between indulgence and nutrition, catering to a health-conscious generation without compromising on flavor. Now, we're inviting you to be part of our journey and mission through an exciting equity crowdfunding opportunity.



Our Mission

Elite Sweets was founded with a vision to transform the snacking world. We observed a significant gap in the market: a lack of truly healthy, enjoyable, and convenient snack options. Our answer to this challenge is The Elite Donut—a protein-packed, low-sugar, gluten-free, and keto-friendly option that doesn't just satisfy your taste buds but also supports your health goals.

Join us on our journey to transform the way you think about snacking. Indulge in the taste and nutrition of The Elite Donut and experience the future of healthy snacking.


Growth and Traction 

Since pivoting to a shelf-stable product format in early 2023, Elite Sweets has experienced rapid growth. We've successfully transitioned from a primarily direct-to-consumer model to a robust retail-focused strategy. Our donuts are now featured in prestigious outlets such as 7-Eleven, Amazon Go, Gold's Gym, and more. We secured a nationwide purchase order from Vitamin Shoppe, launching in over 750 additional stores in early 2024.

This strategic shift has not only broadened our market presence but also dramatically increased our sales velocity. By the end of 2024, we aim to increase our retail presence from 750 doors to over 5,000.


Fast Growing Market

The "better-for-you" snacks market is booming, with a total addressable market of $39 billion. The shift towards healthier eating habits among millennials and Gen Z offers a vast landscape for growth. Our targeted approach focuses on the $1.01 billion serviceable obtainable market, directly competing against traditional snack offerings with our innovative products.


Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, Low-Carb Options

In today’s world, finding snacks that are not only delicious but also cater to specific dietary needs can be a challenge. Whether you're looking to maintain a ketogenic lifestyle, reduce your carb intake, or avoid gluten due to health reasons, choosing the right snacks is crucial.

Our selection of gluten-free, keto-friendly, low-carb snacks is designed to keep your health goals on track without sacrificing flavor. These snacks are perfect for anyone seeking to reduce their sugar and carb consumption while still enjoying tasty treats. Each product is carefully crafted to ensure you get the nutrition you need with ingredients that promote overall wellness.

Financial Highlights

In just three years, we've sold over $3 million worth of Elite Donuts online, becoming the #1 selling donut on Amazon. Our growth trajectory is impressive:

  • 2023: Transition to shelf-stable products, entering 750+ retail doors.
  • 2024: Expected to launch in 2,000+ doors in Q1 alone, with projected gross sales of $4.1 million.
  • 2026: Forecasting gross sales of $14.2 million, with a gross margin improvement from 44% to 54%.


Use of Funds

  • New Product Development: Developing innovative product offerings.
  • Scale Up Production: Increasing manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demand for both existing and new products.
  • Expand Retail Footprint: Supporting new and existing online retail launches, driving consumer trials and fostering brand loyalty.
  • Marketing: Launching targeted marketing campaigns on social media to enhance brand awareness and engagement.
  • Staff Hiring: Recruiting additional personnel to support business expansion.


Competitive Advantage

Elite Sweets stands out in the crowded snack market through:
  • Unique Product Offerings: The first-ever shelf-stable, pre-glazed donut that caters to dietary restrictions without sacrificing taste.
  • Strategic Distribution Channels: Established partnerships with major distributors and national retailers.
  • Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction: High repurchase rates and top-rated reviews on major e-commerce platforms.


Why Invest in Elite Sweets?

Investing in Elite Sweets is not just an investment in a company but in a lifestyle change. Our products offer:

  • Alignment with Consumer Trends: As dietary preferences shift towards low-carb and high-protein options, our products meet these needs head-on.
  • Potential for High Returns: With aggressive growth plans and a proven business model, your investment has the potential for significant financial returns.
  • Social Impact: Contributing to healthier communities by offering better nutritional choices.


Our Team

  Amin D. Bahari
CEO & Founder

As the visionary CEO and Founder of Elite Sweets, Amin led the company from inception to extraordinary success, achieving sales exceeding $4,000,000. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his ability to build and lead a dynamic team of 20 individuals. Amin took charge of various aspects of the business, including accounting, payroll, financial statements, and models. He spearheaded research and development efforts, resulting in the creation of The Elite Donut, which swiftly became the #1 selling donut on Amazon. Amin successfully expanded the brand from scratch, establishing nationwide launches with major retailers such as 7-Eleven and Vitamin Shoppe. His strategic mindset also facilitated crucial relationships with co-packers, distributors, and retailers, showcasing his proficiency in negotiation and partnership building. Amin's comprehensive approach extended to legal matters, where he successfully filed multiple trademarks.

Amir D. Bahari
Co-founder / Chief Sales Officer

As the Co-founder and Chief Sales Officer of Elite Sweets, Amir has demonstrated visionary leadership, guiding the company towards unprecedented success. With a strategic mindset and a keen eye for opportunities, he has led sales and broker teams to achieve remarkable milestones in B2B sales, establishing strategic partnerships with esteemed retailers like 7/11, Vitamin Shoppe, and HEB. Amir's innovative approach goes beyond conventional sales tactics; he is committed to reshaping industry norms through forward-thinking solutions and enduring partnerships to enhance efficiency and drive sustainable growth. By advancing collaboration across teams, Amir embodies a culture of innovation and progress, positioning Elite Sweets for unparalleled success in the competitive marketplace.


Business Strategy


Marketing Strategy


Operational Plan


SWOT Analysis


Human Resources


Social Responsibility


Future Plans


Financial Year Dec-2023
Revenue $324,302
Cost of Good Sold $248,047
Taxes Paid $0
Net Income ($300,743)
Total Assets $391,528
Cash & Cash Equivalents $32,802
Accounts Receivable $12,643
Total Liabilities $2,696,276
Short-term Debt $74,994
Long-term Debt $2,621,281
Risk Factors


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Informed Investor Advisory: Private Placement Offerings (by NASAA)

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of target $50,040 - $300,024

0.4% funded

to go
Minimum Target $50,040
Maximum Target $300,024
Pre-money Valuation $4,731,223.68
Equity Offered 1.05% - 5.96%
Securities Type Common Stock
Regulation Regulation CF
Closing Date 31 Dec 2024
Share Price $1.44
Shares Offered

34,750 - 208,350
Shares Issued After Offering

3,320,322 - 3,493,922

Corporate Profile:
Company Name
E.S. Nutrition, Inc
Jurisdiction of Incorporation
Date of Incorporation
11 Jun 2021

Texas 78660
Food & Beverage
Major shareholders:

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