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Fire Grounds Coffee Co LLC

Dallas, Texas Food & Beverage

Fire Grounds Coffee

Dallas, Texas Food & Beverage


1% target $37,000
to go

Company Highlights:
  • Identified distinct customer segments
  • Leverage its competitive edge of high quality product and top notch merchandise
  • Establish a cult like status among its loyal first responder
About Fire Grounds Coffee
Fire Grounds Coffee Company is a start up Dallas, Texas based coffee roaster that has developed a line of premium coffees by the founder Paul Clarke. Paul started Fire Grounds Coffee because he wanted first responders to enjoy quality coffee and give back to a group of men and women he is proud to represent. The dream is becoming a reality and he is ready to deliver a product to everyone that represents his passion and commitment.

Keys to Success

Fire Grounds Coffee Company has identified three keys that will be instrumental to its success.
  • Develop the finest product.
  • Create outstanding merchandise and apparel
  • Employ strict financial controls.
Our Story
The idea came at 2 o'clock in the morning with sirens roaring and lights flashing as they arrived at a call riding the ambulance. It was the thirteenth call of the night, there was no sleep in sight, and only mediocre coffee waiting for them back at the station. They poised themselves for action and then someone interjected, “Someone should start a coffee company for first responders." His colleague quickly agreed, they unloaded and went onto their patient, and that was the end of the discussion.

The idea followed founder, Paul Clarke, to Iraq where he deployed in 2018 for 9 months. While serving overseas, he met fellow minded service members who wanted to help make his idea a reality. Brainstorming the business soon became one of their favorite pastimes. Over a year later, Fire Grounds Coffee Co. was officially established. Through the help of his best friend, dad, a fellow Marine Captain, and two Air Force Captains, he was able to gain the funding he needed to provide delicious, fresh coffee to first responders and friends.

Paul is a husband, father, Dallas Firefighter and Paramedic, an Officer in the Marine Corps Reserves, and an Iraq Veteran. When he isn’t roasting coffee, working at the fire station or at drill, he can be found working out, playing fetch with his dog, hanging out with his son in the sandbox or smoking his own barbeque. He loves being outside with his family and traveling with his wife.

Paul started Fire Grounds Coffee Co. because he wanted first responders to enjoy quality coffee and give back to a group of men and women he is proud to represent. The dream is becoming a reality and he is ready to deliver a product to everyone that represents his passion and commitment.

What's our mission or purpose?
As a first responder and veteran company, we want to celebrate the first responder mission and culture of helping others selflessly. We do that by roasting fresh coffee and offering apparel that first responders can take pride in. To us, a first responder is someone who is on the front lines when a disaster strikes, whether personal, local, or national. Police, Firefighters, EMTs, and even emergency medical staff, they're all there for they communities when things go wrong. We need to recognize these heroes and unite under one cause, of helping others.

Where do the coffee beans come from?
Colombia. The variety is Colombian Excelso.

Target Market Segments
Fire Grounds Coffee Company has identified four distinct customer segments that it will actively pursue. The first group is made up of first responders to include firefighters, police officers, and EMTs. This customer segment has 17,457 potential customers in the DFW area and is growing. The second group is local grocery stores that pride themselves in carrying local products. Third is businesses that are pro first responder that want our coffee in their business office. The last segment is Veterans, Crossfit Enthusiasts, Nurses, and anyone else who works with or is closely related to the Firefighter vocation. This last segment makes up 398,358 and is growing by 7-8% yearly based on DFW area population growth.

Target Market

Fire Grounds Coffee Company has decided to concentrate on three distinct customer segments. While the coffee industry as a whole has been stagnate for a while, the high-end gourmet coffee market is still growing. This can be attributed to a number of factors including the maturing and increased sophistication of the American palette. Fire Grounds Coffee Company faces competition from several competitors who focus on convenience or price as opposed to product quality which is the strength of Fire Grounds Coffee Company.
Market Segmentation
Fire Grounds Coffee Company has segmented their market into three distinct customer segments
  1. The first group is made up of first responders to include firefighters, police officers, and EMTs. This client base will be our lowest percentage but our most loyal base. They will tell other first responders and will create a “word of mouth” effect on our sales. They will also generate the most social media content by posting pictures of themselves drinking the coffee at their fire, police, or EMS station.
  2. The second group is regional grocery stores/ Coffee shops that pride themselves in carrying local products. These stores include HEB, Sprouts, Whole Foods, and other independent grocery stores in the DFW area. Their customer base is generally high income young professionals that do not mind spending extra for quality products with a rich history or back story.
  3. Businesses that are pro-first responder that want Fire Grounds to deliver coffee to their offices for their employees consumption.
  4. The last segment is Veterans, Crossfit Enthusiasts, Nurses, and anyone else who works with or is closely related to the Firefighter vocation. This customer base either knows a firefighter, works with firefighters every day, or is in a profession that can highly relate or admire the type of person that works in the firefighter industry. These clients will purchase Fire Grounds Coffee Company since they consider the profession noble and want to support the chartable groups that Fire Grounds Coffee Company contributes to. This will be our largest segment.
US Coffee Industry Analysis:
Global Coffee Market: Coffee is the second-largest commodity traded after oil, with the worldwide retail coffee market being a $56 billion industry.
The coffee belt is roughly bounded by the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and is mainly comprised of 28 countries. The top-ten coffee-producing countries are, in descending order: Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia,
Indonesia, Mexico, Ethiopia, India, Guatemala, Ivory Coast, and Uganda.
During the 1990's, Vietnam moved from fourth largest to second largest producer of coffee in the world, with most of its production in robusta beans (Low Quality). Coffee is available in several forms: bean, ground, liquid, and soluble: powdered, granules, freeze-dried. Worldwide, with the exception of North America, people prefer instant coffee and coffee is mainly prepared at home. Fire Grounds Coffee Company will source from the country of Colombia, the bean grade will be Q grade 80.75 (Medium to High Quality). 

Top 15 coffee-importing countries as a % of world supplies:

U.S. Coffee Market: The total U.S. coffee market is projection:

Strategy and Implementation
Fire Grounds Coffee Company will leverage its competitive edge of the highest quality product and top notch merchandise to quickly gain market penetration.  This competitive edge is sustainable because Fire Grounds Coffee Company will create a culture based on social media content, apparel, and great packaging/ branding. Fire Grounds Coffee Company's marketing effort will be based on the communications that assert that Fire Grounds Coffee Company has by far the best products. Fire Grounds Coffee Company will be vocal in their assertion of the message that while its coffee costs a bit more, the variance is not material and the difference in quality is immeasurable. The sales strategy will work on converting perspective customers into long-term customers by emphasizing high-quality products and high levels of customer service, along with regular social media releases that will help develop our loyal fan base.  This strategy recognizes the fact that even though the company may have the best product, without excellent customer service the organization will not succeed. Fire Grounds Coffee Company also seeks to establish a cult like status among its loyal first responder clients with social media content.
Competitive Edge
Fire Grounds Coffee Company's competitive edge is its market leading product quality. By leveraging personal relationships, Fire Grounds Coffee Company has gained the recipes and knowledge of master roaster Mimo Morreale. Green coffee beans are a commodity, therefore any variations in one company's coffee to another is based on roasting techniques if they are using the same types of beans. Fire Grounds Coffee Company will utilize flavors and high-quality beans to create a superior fresh tasting coffee.
Fire‌ ‌Grounds‌ Coffee‌ ‌Co Management

Paul Clarke
Business development, accounting, sales, culture of the company, design and roasting. Decisions ultimately will be made in matters of major purchases, business legal matters, finances, accounting practices, packaging, T-Shirts, Logos, Website, Photography, and all artwork associated with the company.

Kyle Lund 
Subject matter expert on packaging, logistics, business practices, and manufacturing efficiency. He will initially work as the warehouse manager until one is hired. Will collaborate on matters of major purchases, business legal matters, finances, and accounting practices.

Grant W. Robertson
Sales Director
Develop a custom sales processes by integrating previously successes sales software. Develop and implement targeted account marketing towards 4 of the 5 revenue channels previously mentioned (Retail, Bulk, Business to Business, and Caffeinate-a-station)
Business Strategy


Marketing Strategy


Operational Plan


SWOT Analysis


Human Resources


Social Responsibility


Future Plans


Financial Year Dec-2021
Revenue $111,930
Cost of Good Sold $40,596
Taxes Paid $0
Net Income $15,211
Total Assets $67,070
Cash & Cash Equivalents $880
Accounts Receivable $0
Total Liabilities $17,922
Short-term Debt $17,922
Long-term Debt $0
Risk Factors


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1% target $37,000

to go
Minimum Target $37,000
Maximum Target $1,036,000
Pre-money Valuation $3,700,000
Equity Offered 0.99% - 21.88%
Securities Type Class B Membership Units
Regulation Regulation CF
Closing Date 30 Apr 2023
Unit Price $370.00
Units Offered

100 - 2,800
Units Issued After Offering

10,100 - 12,800

Corporate Profile:
Company Name
Fire Grounds Coffee Co LLC
Jurisdiction of Incorporation
Date of Incorporation
21 May 2018
1300 S Polk Ste 138,
Texas 75224
Food & Beverage
Major shareholders:

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