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Lucas & Friend (LNF)

Jackson, Wyoming Real Estate

Lucas & Friend (LNF)

Jackson, Wyoming Real Estate


14% target $25,000
to go

Offering Highlights:
  • Acquire and develop quality residential properties targeting millennial residents in the US
  • Millennial-Oriented accommodation solutions is an unique, attractive, sizeable and persistently growing market segment
  • The Manager’s policy is to distribute to Unitholders an amount equal to 90% of of annual Total Distributable Income
Lucas & Friend is a Wyoming limited liability company (LLC) established on 22 November 2019 to acquire and develop quality residential properties targeting millennial residents in the US. Our residential developments aim to provide millennials with a unique lifestyle, living in a truly free and open society in which the opportunities for success are above and beyond our wildest expectations.


The vision of Lucas & Friend started when Founder and CEO, Nathan Jenkins, during his combined tenures as (1) Chief Brand Officer at the Los Angeles branch of Education Insider and as (2) Business Development and Customer Relations Manager at a property development and property management company in Irvine, inspired by the completely opposite plights of two millennial acquaintances, Victor and Lucas, decided to create and operate a modern accommodations solution for millennials.

  • This crowdfunding opens up to the retail investor the chance to invest in income producing residential real estate properties in the US and uses the income to provide returns to its unitholders.
  • Allows investors to share the benefits and risks of owning the real estate assets
  • Accommodation solutions for millennials is an unique, attractive, sizeable and persistently growing market segment
  • Our Management Team has the experience and understanding in this market and the branding expertise


The Manager’s key objective for Lucas & Friend is to provide Unitholders with stable distributions per Unit with the potential for sustainable long term growth of such distributions. The Manager intends to accomplish this objective through investing in income producing real estate and renovate them so as to target millennial residents, initially in Southern California and Pennsylvania.

Key Investment Highlights
The Manager believes that an investment in Lucas & Friend presents Unitholders with an attractive investment proposition by virtue of:
  • A strategy to provide regular and stable distributions:
    The Manager’s policy is to distribute to Unitholders as distributions an amount equal to 90% of of annual Total Distributable Income.
  • The Manager’s experienced and professional teams:
    The Manager believes that Unitholders will benefit from the experience of the Manager and the Board of Advisors in the US real estate market as well as the strengths and experience in leasing, marketing and tenancy management of the leasing agents. The Board of Advisors is staffed by experienced professionals who have extensive experience in the real estate industry in the US and have in-depth real estate investment, research and financing experience.
  • Opportunities and a strategy for future growth:
    The Manager will endeavour to increase the property yield of Lucas and Friend’s property portfolio and, correspondingly, the NAV per Unit. The measures which the Manager intends to take include:
    - optimising rental and occupancy rates through managing lease renewals effectively
    - diligently pursuing leasing opportunities and maximising tenant retention;
    - strengthening the portfolio properties’ competitive positions; and
    - developing cost synergies and exploiting economies of scale in the  operations of the portfolio properties to offer tenants better services and facilities at lower costs;
  • Opportunities and a strategy for future growth through acquisitions:
    The Manager will focus on properties which are primarily used target for millennials, initially in Southern California and Pennsylvania. It will seek to acquire properties that will provide attractive cash flows and yields together with opportunities for further revenue growth through operational optimisation.
We can expect a lot more action to happen in the real estate sector targeting young generation in the near future, particularly in the U.S., where they have been far behind in both investments and developments compared to the rest of the world.
Recent Happenings:
Mofang Gongyu, China (founded in 2010) has raised US$650 million over 4 rounds of financing between 2013 to 2019 from AVIC Trust, Warburg Pincus, Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec, DT Capital Partners, now operates over 150 apartment complexes in major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Xi’an.
Weave Co-Living, Hong Kong (founded in 2017) with currently 160 units has received US$181 million from Warburg Pincus in 2018 to expand to 10,000 units all across various gateway cities in the Asia Pacific within 5 years
Medici Living Group, Germany (founded in 2012) has received US$1.14 billion in a single round of financing from Corestate Capital Holding to develop 6,000 coliving rooms in 35 properties with investments in Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Poland
The Collective, London (founded in 2011) with two co-living facilities that hold over 9,000 apartment units has raised some US$850 million in 2019 in the form of a Coliving Fund from DTZ Investors and has now set up offices in Berlin and New York acquired five new properties across New York, Chicago, and Miami
Common Living, U.S. (founded in 2015) has raised US$63.4 million through 4 rounds of financing between 16 July, 2015 to 19 December, 2017, to develop some $300 million worth of new properties throughout the U.S. over the next three years from Grand Central Tech (GCT), Slow Ventures, Otter Rock Capital, Maveron, Lowercase Capital, Grey Wolf, Brendan Wallace, 500 Startups, Wolfswood Partners, Solon Mack Capital, Richard Lefrak, LeFrak, Justin Mateen, Inevitable Ventures, Company Ventures, Circle Ventures, 8VC, Norwest Venture Partners and Company Ventures
Ollie, U.S. (founded in January 2012) has raised US$15 million in 2018 from The Moinian Group, Texas Employees Retirement System, Justin Mateen, and Aviva Investors 

Hmlet, Singapore (founded in 2016) with locations in Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Sydney, and soon Melbourne, has received US$48 million in 3 rounds of financing between 2017 to 2019 from Squoia capital India, Burda Principal Investments, Mitsubishi Estate, and Reinventure to develop 10,000 rooms across the Asia Pacific

Target Market - Why Millennials:
The following table illustrates the percentage of movers between the ages of 25 and 35, in their respective generations, who moved into either an owner-occupied home not owned by their parents or a rental property. (About 4% of movers in each generation moved into properties owned by their parents).
Rental Property
Early Boomers in 1981 35% 61%
Late Boomers in 1990 29% 67%
Gen Xers in 2000 34% 62%
Millennials are Postponing Marriage and Children
A significantly larger percentage of millennials are delaying marriage and taking time to discover what they want out of life. They admit to feeling less pressure to make a lifelong commitment to a particular lifestyle, which may play a role in the decision to postpone home purchasing.
Why Renting Can Beat Buying For Millennials
Bbuying a home is great: You build equity, the interest and property tax portion of your mortgage is a tax reduction, and it’s a major life milestone accomplished. But for many millennials, renting is more their style. A Rent.com survey of 1,000 renters between the ages of 18 and 34 found that nearly eight out of 10 don’t plan on trading their apartments for homes anytime soon. Here are four reasons why. It’s in the budget. With student loan debt putting a big dent in millennials’ bank accounts, it’s no surprise that they prefer monthly rent payments to the acquisition of additional debt in the form of a mortgage. Plus, closing costs, home insurance payments and property taxes add up fast — renting is often the more frugal short-term option.
Live Where You Want
Renting makes trendier, more desirable areas of town accessible to millennials who aren’t making as much money as they will be in a few years. It’s a great way to preview the cost, commute, and overall vibe of a neighborhood before making (or being able to afford) a long-term financial commitment. And if the hip urban art district everyone’s raving about doesn’t live up to the hype, it’s easy to move out.
Into the current set of limited offerings of accommodations tailored for Millennials in the US split between traditional accommodations and those under a coliving model, Lucas & Friend has the experience and understanding of the millennial market as well as the branding expertise to enable us to transform the industry with a unique standpoint of offerings:
  • CEO Nathan Jenkins has a long experience growing up in Orange County with a large millennial population
  • Nathan’s experience in Education Insider can be used to source valuable millennial tenants:  He has built up relationships across schools, students, and overseas agencies, and is well-versed in using non-traditional communication platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Nathan’s experience as Business Development and Customer Relations Manager at the property development and property management company in Irvine focused on mainly millennial clients
Thus, Lucas & Friend is able to offer a disrupting vision of millennial-driven accommodations.
Unique Accomodations for Millennials

How our solution unique
Lucas & Friend is particularly attractive and different from others in that we:
  • Take up the role of both property owner/developer and property operator and
  • Offer the opportunity as a crowdfunding offer on Mr. Crowd thus making it possible for not just venture capitalists/property developers and accredited investors to invest
The result is the following advantages:
  • Little capital required to participate as a property owner/developer:  Unlike traditional property investments which require relays of hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront, to participate in this offering, investors here can already participate as a property owner based on his/her affordability
  • Potential for higher investment returns as it combines the possibility for investment gains from property appreciation with steady revenue streams from the property management and rentals
  • Speed to market:  crowdfunding allows property developments can be identified, funded, and executed in a swift manner to take advantage of opportunities at first opportunity
Fully-furnished Millennial-friendly Living Accommodations
Living Room: with sofas and coffee tables, a television and a basic entertainment system
  Each will contain a Desk, a Desk Lamp, Book Case, Closet complete with both hanging rack and shelving/drawers storage, Double Bed, a bedside platform/table and a Bedside light
Dining area:
  with dining table and dining chairs
Kitchen 4-burner cooktop with exhaust hood, full-sized oven, dishwasher, full-sized fridge with freezer, full-sized deep dual sink, microwave oven, hot water pot, toaster oven, large-sized, premium multi-functional rice cooker and coffee machine

Washing Machine and Dryer with an indoor laundry hanging area 
Housekeeping services:  Once a week, there will be the cleaning of shared spaces, including but not limited to kitchens, living rooms, dining areas, and shared bathrooms
Fixed utilities:  Water, electricity, indoor heating, and ultra-high speed Wifi and in-house entertainment subscriptions:  ESPN and Netflix
24-hour Property Services:   Our professional property services team, NOT live-in landlords breathing down tenants’ necks, all fluent in English are available 24 hours to respond to maintenance requests and to make sure our accommodations are ready to give tenants a feeling of home while helping them to integrate into their new life and surroundings. Pre-selected other like-minded millennial travelers with whom to share the communal areas to give you the feeling of home while like you, also desiring to integrate into your new life and surroundings


On successful fundraising, to fulfill our offering, we will need to purchase an existing single-family property, where we will give a makeover to the property and furnish the living areas with various fixtures, furniture, supplies and services.
  • The potential to become a leader in millennial accommodations throughout the United States and other countries
  • Thereafter the Lucas & Friend Brand will expand into other millennial accommodations markets all bound by the same core values



  • It’s time we transformed the real estate industry, specifically the attractive sector of millennial accommodations, into one even the retail investor to play in with the use of Regulation crowdfunding, thus removing the Monopoly accredited investors and snazzy venture capitalists have over such direct investments
  • With your help, we can buy the property and create a millennial accommodations solution like no other in the market
  • We are addressing the crises of affordable housing for a group away from home in a way that will give them something they will find valuable

Nathan Jenkins
- Founder & CEO
Speciality:  Corporate Direction, Strategy, Vision

Nathan Jenkins (“Nathan”) is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lucas & Friend LLC (“Lucas & Friend”) established on 22 November 2019.  Prior to his founding of Lucas & Friend, Jenkins has held a variety of technical and managerial positions in a variety of fields including:  Events Management and Food & Beverage Operations, Business Consulting, Digital Marketing, Business Consulting, International Student Services, and Leasing and Property Management.
After a one year stint at entrepreneurship with his own Digital Marketing consultancy business in the health and fitness market, it has been really his last two positions as Chief Brand Officer at the Los Angeles branch of Education Insider and as Business Development and Customer Relations Manager at a property development and property management company in Irvine in particular, which have ignited in him the idea to create uniquely designed living spaces targeting millennials.

Familiar and comfortable with unconventional communications platforms such as WeChat, rarely used by most Americans but popular amongst the Chinese population, he used these platforms to leverage public relations messages to Chinese and Taiwanese clientele during his tenure at Education Insider.  There, he played a major role in developing the company’s relationships with many of Southern California’s tertiary educational institutions such as California State University, Longbeach, California State University, Fullerton, and California State University, Los Angeles, as well as top-rated community colleges like Santa Monica College and Pasadena City College in addition to cultivating relationships with many overseas education agents.

But really, it was his last position as Business Development & Customer Relations Manager at a property development and property management company in Irvine that gave Nathan the confidence and drive to put his millennial accommodation idea into action in the form of Lucas & Friend.   There, he worked with two colleagues to upgrade, furnish, and lease out six apartment units (averaging 1,200 square feet in size) to mainly Chinese tenants in the form of fully-furnished short term Bed and Breakfast stays, involving in investment, buying and operating decisions as well as day-to-day property management to improve profitability and yield ratios.

To strengthen his real estate investment skills, besides self study, Nathan has also sought to increase knowledge in this area by taking courses from institutions such as Legacy and the Rich Dad Foundation.
Board of Advisors

Tim Gu - Real Estate Development & Investment Strategy
Speciality: real estate development, management and investment

Tim Gu was born in China, and moved to the US when he was 15 years old.  He has been an entrepreneur since starting his own copywriting company at the age of 18. Tim successfully sold the company during his 2nd year of college at the age of 20.  During his third year, he founded his own digital marketing company, OP Commerce which as of today, still continues to generate 6 figure yearly income.

At age 22, Tim dropped out of college, and founded Education Insider, an educational consulting company targeted at Chinese international students looking to study in the U.S.  Over the years, Education Insider has grown a client base in Washington, California, Pennsylvania, New York and Arizona; during which he began working with Jenkins in the Los Angeles area, hiring Jenkins to be his Branding officer. Today, Tim is the Co-Founder and CEO of Skywide - a Real Estate platform of property trading - development and property management where he once again also collaborated with Jenkins, allowing Jenkins to again sharpen his expertise in property management. Tim has continued on to expand his own business experiences to now managing over a million dollar’s worth of transactions during the past year in real estate.

Tim enjoys creating large projects and bringing them to the market. He is always excited about building various product and service lines, conditioning them to meet market demands, promoting the product or service through a variety of platforms, and making needed adjustments for them to evolve within the market.

Joey Stevens
Project Finance
Speciality: business systems, creative financing

Joseph Stevens, San Diego native, has expanded his talent development in the fields of sales and creative financing at small business loan organizations, providing loans to small businesses, which followed after his attendance at the Master’s University where he had first met Nathan Jenkins.  Here, is where Stevens sparked up a friendship with Jenkins as they put their minds towards similar goals in the markets of real estate and financial services.  

Stevens has held relevant titles such as loan officer and account executive at Reliant Funding where he administered business-client accounts on taking out small business loans for business operations.  He later worked under the role of  sales development manager and business development manager at companies such as MindTouch and UserZoom that have improved his own understanding of enterprise expansion, branding and deal negotiations.  

Collectively, his experiences give him practice working with investment bankers and giving company keynote speeches to raise additional working capital as well as negotiating better terms in B-2-B deals to save on business expenses, increasing returns for investors.
Initially venturing into the world of financial business development, Stevens established himself as a driven leader for developing winning sales strategies and executing timely goals and deliverables against high quotas.  Most recently, he leveraged his success in the finance world into enterprise business software to deliver strategic solutions to Fortune 500 organizations.
Paul Huang - Legal Counsel
Speciality:  immigration attorney & international legal relations

Pu Huang (“Paul”) is a US attorney currently practicing immigration law.  He came to the US at the age of 15.  As a first-generation immigrant, Paul understands how an immigration status or a visa can change and affect someone’s life.
Paul received his JD, with honors from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. He also received his LLM in Corporate and Finance, graduating with Honors from there. Prior to his legal studies, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Allegheny College (in Pennsylvania), majoring in Political Science and Economics.
Paul speaks fluent English and Chinese. Currently practicing US immigration law, he has years of experience in handling employment-based immigration cases. His area of specialty includes non-immigration visas, immigration visas, employment-based immigration cases, and family-based immigration petitions.   Paul is licensed to practice immigration law in any US state.   
Business Strategy


Marketing Strategy


Operational Plan


SWOT Analysis


Human Resources


Social Responsibility


Future Plans


Financial Year Dec-2019
Revenue $0
Cost of Good Sold $0
Taxes Paid $0
Net Income $0
Total Assets $4,234
Cash & Cash Equivalents $4,234
Accounts Receivable $0
Total Liabilities $0
Short-term Debt $0
Long-term Debt $0

Dividend Policy

July 2019
Irvine Global Chinese Students Co-living - An Idea is born!

After years of experience in international student services specialized in Chinese students from China and Taiwan, and later participation within the real estate market of Irvine, California, in overseeing real estate investment, development, and property management, Nathan comes up with the idea of Lucas & Friend Hall Irvine (“Lucas & Friend”) and puts together a business plan.

August 2019
Advisory Team is formed

Nathan puts together an advisory team for Lucas & Friend with a variety of expertise ranging from real estate development, legal compliance and building execution to execute his vision of a unique co-living concept specially made to fit the exacting needs of global Chinese students.
November 2019
Incorporation of Lucas & Friend

Lucas & Friend dba as Lucas & Friend Hall Irvine is established as a real estate functioning LLC, incorporated out of the state of Wyoming for various legal protections and benefits to shareholders.

December 2019
Engagement of www.mrcrowd.com for equity crowdfunding

Lucas & Friend appoints www.mrcrowd.com as the funding portal to assist them in raising funds through Regulation Crowdfunding, targeting not only accredited investors but also retail investors, eager to take an equity stake in what may be the sexiest sector in today’s real estate market, coliving, with this specific offering being accommodations in Irvine targeted at a global Chinese student clientele.

February 2020
Filing of Form C to SEC EDGAR and Launch of Campaign

Company files their Form C to SEC EDGAR, and Lucas & Friend's crowdfunding equity offering launches on mrcrowd.com as the first U.S. real estate and global Chinese-student, coliving, investment opportunity open to the general public.
July 2020
Acquisition and Renovation of Property

With equity funds raised, the company acquires a standalone house in Irvine and renovates it into a building housing Nathan’s co-living vision by adding bedrooms to the property with the final structure expected to include: - 1 Master Bedroom with private bathroom and 7 bedrooms sharing 3 bathrooms.
September 2020
Development of @Home Mobile App

Work will begin to create a Smart-home, integrated, phone application system which will come with functions such as the setting up of a weekly Concierge grocery shopping service with home-delivery tied to stores with a particularly strong selection of Chinese produce and products.

October 2020
Promotion of Lucas & Friend Hall Irvine to Prospective Tenants

Active Promotion via media relations and education and global Chinese networks to rent out the coliving spaces to prospective Luyos (the name given to tenants staying at Lucas & Friend)
October 2020
Development of @Home Payment Methods

Work begins on @Home Payment Methods to allow payments to be made directly using Wechat pay, Alipay, and PayPal providing the highest standard of convenience to global Chinese students with a preference for these methods.

December 2020
Lucas & Friend Hall Irvine Ready, Luyos Move In!

Renovation Lucas & Friend Hall Irvine is complete and ready for Luyos to move in complete with @Home APPs with WeChat pay, Alipay, and PayPal payment methods.

January 2021
School Reopens with Lucas & Friend Hall Irvine Fully Rented Out and Occupied with Luyos

Luyos begin their co-living experience at Lucas & Friend Hall Irvine, employing the @Home APP with WeChat pay, Alipay, and PayPal payment methods for rental payments and additional services.
Risk Factors


The securities offered by the issuer here are private placements. You should read the followings before investing in these securities:

Investor Alert: Advertising for Unregistered Securities Offerings (by SEC)

Private Placements - Evaluate the Risks before Placing Them in Your Portfolio (by FINRA)

Informed Investor Advisory: Private Placement Offerings (by NASAA)

More Questions & Answsers (

The information provided is a summary only. Please review the full offering documents (Form C) for a full description of the company and offering.

You can cancel an investment commitment until 48 hours prior to the offering deadline.


14% target $25,000

to go
Funding Target $25,000
Maximum Target $100,000
Pre-money Valuation $100,000
Equity Offered 20% - 50%
Securities Type Membership Units
Regulation Regulation CF
Closing Date 31 Dec 2021
Unit Price $100.00
Units Offered

250 - 1,000
Units Issued After Offering

1,250 - 2,000

Corporate Profile:
Company Name
Lucas & Friend Land Holdings, LLC
Jurisdiction of Incorporation
Date of Incorporation
22 Nov 2019
172 Center Street, Ste 202
Wyoming 83001
Real Estate
Major shareholders:

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