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Vibravision (VBR)

Ogden, Utah Wellness

Vibravision (VBR)

Ogden, Utah Wellness


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Company Highlights:
  • Vibravision® awakens new pathways in the brain and allows people to tap into their unused potential, developing the ability to sense the world around them and “see” without eyesight, even if they are visually-impaired.
  • Being scientific and reproducible, Vibravision® has been validated and/or witnessed by:
    Optometrists • Opticians • Ophthalmic Researchers (retired) • The President of the Utah Association of Naturopathic Physicians • a PhD of Radiative Energy Transfer • Political Leaders • Business Leaders • Celebrities • an Emmy Award-winning journalist • News Reporters • representatives from Blind Schools and • Visually-Impaired People
  • Vibravision®, LLC is operated by seasoned business owners with over 60 years of combined experience. Their sister company, MP USA, Inc., is the longest-standing BBB-accredited martial arts business in Utah, with an A+ rating over 16.5 years.
  • Vibravision® has a non-profit side -The Vibravision® Foundation -which accepts donations and grants to help offset the training costs for blind and low-vision students.
  • Vibravision® has multiple markets, including: children, adults, visually-impaired people, military, law enforcement, emergency responders, and more!
  • Vibravision® is a proprietary method, and Vibravision®, LLC is the ONLY academy in the U.S. where this skill can be learned.
What Is VIBRAVISION? Open your Mindsight!

Vibravision® is one of the five (5) disciplines of the Merpati Putih (aka “MP”) system, which includes martial arts, fitness, breathwork, meditation, energy development and consciousness expansion.   Vibravision® training involves no “martial arts” training, instead focusing specifically on awareness enhancement, breathwork, meditation and fitness.

Developed by the Royal Family of Java, Indonesia several hundred years ago, until recently the Vibravision® technique was a closely guarded legacy known only by the Royal Family.  In centuries past, Vibravision® was used to ‘see’ in the dark in order to defend against opposing forces at night, but is now used to enhance the perception of the blind, and give all who learn it a new way of 'seeing' things, whether sighted or visually-impaired.

In 1963, the 10th-generation Royal Heir Mr. Saring Hadipoernomo and two of his sons, Mas (Mr.) Budi, and Mas (Mr.) Pung, released the Merpati Putih system to the Indonesian people.  Since then, MP has become one of the largest single martial arts in the world-- with over 1,000,000 members--and is also used as training for every branch of the Indonesian Military and Secret Service.

The Vibravision® technique has been used as an Orientation and Mobility method for blind people in Indonesia since 1991, and by their elite military special forces, called Kopassus, in place of night vision technology since 1993.

Some of the ‘skills’ Vibravision helps develop include 1) detecting the color, direction of travel, shape, and distance of objects, 2) reading printed or digital text, 3) playing video games, 4) driving/riding vehicles/bicycles, and 5) shooting targets accurately, just to name a few...all while blind or blindfolded.

Vibravision® also goes much deeper than only seeing without eyesight!  Increased concentration, memory and brain function, improved grades (for kids), stress reduction and inner calm, improved intuition, boosted confidence, improved aerobic and anaerobic health, and increased immune resistance to disease are just a few of the commonly-reported benefits in addition to blindfolded/blind “Mindsight”.

For many it’s beyond belief.  Since first introducing Merpati Putih and Vibravision® to America, there have been a fair share of doubters, yet it’s undeniably real for those who learn it, and has now been proven to many respected authorities in various fields.  In order to ensure that Vibravision® was brought to America in the proper way, the necessary steps have been taken to make sure that it was evaluated by Western Optical and Medical Professionals before offering it to the general public.  To that end, Vibravision® has been validated/endorsed by experts in the fields of Vision, Medicine, Physics, Law, Government, Orientation & Mobility, as well as people who have been blind for decades.   Vibravision® is constantly demonstrated in both controlled and real-world settings as a viable and reproducible method, and video and written endorsements are gladly provided.

FOX13 Good Day Utah featured MP USA and Vibravision on the morning show April 23rd, 2018

About Vibravision, LLC

In 1998, shortly after seeing a video of Merpati Putih practitioners in Indonesia running through obstacle courses blindfolded, Nate Zeleznick saw a blind person with a guide dog run face-first into a traffic pole and was inspired to contact The Saring Hadipoernomo Foundation for the Blind in Jakarta, Indonesia.  He then co-sponsored the first-ever public demonstrations of Merpati Putih and Vibravision® in America.

In 1999, after demonstrations at The Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind, Weber State University, and the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C., Nate and his brother Mike were given permission by the 11th Generation Royal Heirs of the Merpati Putih (MP) lineage – Poerwoto Hadipoernomo (known as Mas Pung) and Budi Santoso Hadipoernomo (known as Mas Budi) – to train in the MP Energy Arts, including Vibravision®.  This was the first time that non-Indonesians had been officially allowed to begin training in Merpati Putih.

In the Fall of 1999 Nate and Mike began an accelerated training regimen with training provided by Dr. Heru Hendarto M.D., MSSLP, a former MP trainer to the Indonesian Commando Paratroopers (Kopassus) who just happened to live nearby in Salt Lake City while pursuing his post-Doctoral Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. 

After testing on January 1st, 2000, Nate and Mike Zeleznick became the first-ever officially recognized American Merpati Putih members and in late 2000, Nate, Mike and Dr. Heru were joined in Utah by Mas Pung, Mas Budi, and a team of MP specialists for evaluation of the art in America.  Nate and Mike were tested, promoted, and certified as the very first American Merpati Putih trainers, and the MP USA Academy was inaugurated so that they could begin spreading Merpati Putih and Vibravision® to the people in America who need it.

MP USA/Vibravision® is the only school in the Western Hemisphere authorized to teach Merpati Putih or Vibravision®, and holds the Registered Trademarks for the terms “Merpati Putih USA®” and “Vibravision®”.

In 2013, after over a decade of challenges and obstacles to successfully develop the Vibravision® program, Mike decided to give up everything and do what was necessary to keep their promise to the Royal Family and bring Vibravision® to the world.  He relocated to Indonesia and began living and training directly with the Royal Family and the best Vibravision® trainers in the world in order to learn everything about the Vibravision® technique.  Armed with this comprehensive knowledge, MP USA Inc. launched its first pilot program in November of 2014 and now we can all ‘see’ the results, with a higher success ratio of skill development than anywhere else in the world!

Natural, reproducible, and scientifically measurable, Vibravision® will mean a whole new world opening up for the blind community, and has the potential to revolutionize the paradigm of human consciousness for all of humanity.  The mission of Vibravision®, LLC and The Vibravision® Foundation, is to help as many people as possible develop an incredible sense of awareness and freedom previously thought impossible, and to bring the world a greater understanding of what the human mind can accomplish. 

After 19 years of hard work, training, business development and trendsetting,  Vibravision®, LLC and The Vibravision® Foundation are ready to begin expanding into different markets, both civilian and military.  With the help of America's Real Deal, ISM, and amazing investors, the time has come to expand Vibravision® into communities all over America and change lives like nothing else can. 


The Vibravision Foundation’s Journey to America’s Real Deal
By Rachel Warren | Blog, Vibravision Foundation, Vibravision Techniques
Vibravision has come a long way in America since Nate and Mike Zeleznick arranged for Vibravision trainers and specialists to visit Utah in 1999. Currently, the Vibravision Foundation team is in Texas filming for the first season of the America’s Real Deal TV show. Below, we will explore the Vibravision Foundation’s journey to America’s Real Deal and how you can become part of the journey.

How the Vibravision Foundation Got to This Point
In 1999, Nate and Mike Zeleznick brought numerous Vibravision experts to the United States. Previously, it had only been available in Indonesia, where MP trainers introduced it to the public in 1989. Soon after it was introduced, Kopassus, Indonesia’s Special Forces, practiced the technique to improve their night vision. Blind individuals also began to train so they could sense their surroundings without the use of sight.

During the 1999 trip to the USA, Vibravision specialists demonstrated their skills at Weber State University, the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind, many news stations, and the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, DC.

Over the next year, Mike and Nate trained extensively in Merpati Putih and were officially recognized as the first American MP members in 2000. In the coming years, both would travel to Indonesia many times and continue to climb the ranks of MP. In the process, they learned more about Vibravision. In fact, Mike almost lost a game of pool to a Vibravision practitioner wearing a blindfold.

Finally, after six months of intensive training in Jakarta in 2013, Mike was able to become a Vibravision trainer. In 2014, he started the first Vibravision class in America. And, it has grown from there. MP USA has performed demonstrations and earned the support from optometrists, blind individuals, politicians, and more.



Mike “The Blind Tiger” Armstrong Holman Prize Application

Standard Optical Demonstration

Arizona Nonprofit Teaches People How To Live Without Their Sight
The Vibravision Foundation is a non-profit organization, which accepts donations and grants to help offset the training costs for blind and low-vision students.

Click here to donate and help a blind person learn Vibravision!
Vibravision® Apparel store! From shirts to hats to towels to jackets (and more) and customize your Vibravision® look to make it your own.

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About the Founders

Nate Zeleznick
Chairman & CEO
In 1998, Nate Zeleznick contacted Yayasan Saring Hadipoernomo in order to co-sponsor the first-ever public demonstration of Merpati Putih (MP) and Vibravision in America.

After public demonstrations at The Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind, Weber State University and the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C. Nate and his brother were given permission by the 11th Generation Heirs of the Merpati Putih lineage to train in the MP Energy Arts including Vibravision, with training provided by Dr. Heru Hendarto M.D., MSSLP, a former trainer to the Indonesian Commando Paratroopers who just happened to live nearby in Salt Lake City.

After an accelerated training regimen, Nate and his brother were tested, inaugurated, and certified as the very first American MP trainers in the US. They founded MP USA in 2000 and begin spreading the art of MP and Vibravision to the people in America who need it.

In 2016, together with Mike, they founded Vibravision, LLC to further spread Vibravision to people in need.

Mike Zeleznick 
Mike Zeleznick has been a life-long martial artist and instructor. He holds two 3rd degree black belts and one 2nd degree black belt in arts other than Merpati Putih and his equivalent ranking in Merpati Putih would be that of 7th degree black belt, though Merpati Putih does not have the same ranking structure as most other arts.
Mike has been the enrollment director and chief instructor for Merpati Putih USA for the past 18 years and has enrolled over 1,000 new clients in that time. His duties have included scheduling appointments, running introductory lessons and group presentations, telephone sales and follow-up with prospects and clients, client care, motivation and retention, development of curriculum, negotiation of leases and other property related issues, cleaning of the school, testing and awarding of clients and lastly is his role as Chief Instructor of the entire Merpati Putih system for the Western Hemisphere. 
Mike has over 12 years experience in direct sales, telephone sales, marketing, client service and manual labor, all of which are necessary and have proved invaluable in the successful operation of the school.

Adam Brandley
Adam Brandley, aka, America’s Capital Coach, ran a successful international apparel and distribution company, partnered in an M&A firm, and a SEC/FINRA authorized broker/dealer firm in Sacramento, California, with offices in California, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Oregon.

Mr. Brandley is the Founder and CEO of America’s Real Deal and the Independent Stock Market. He serves as the CEO, Executive Producer of America's Real Deal TV Show.

In 2016, Mr. Brandley joined Vibravision and serves as the CFO. Mr. Brandley’s responsibility is to assist Nathan and Micah Zeleznick on the financial aspect of day-to-day operation of the company.
Business Strategy

Vision Statement
Improving the quality of life for blind people who are living in a world of darkness and allowing everyone to experience the world in a more expansive and fulfilling way.

Mission Statement
Our company's goal is to provide our clients with an enjoyable, honest, and safe environment to learn new skills that will improve their quality of life. Our clients are our number one priority, and we will provide them with a high-quality learning experience by creating opportunities for each individual to reach their ultimate potential and extrasensory ability. By teaching others to reach their full potential of expanded consciousness, using the proprietary Vibravision® method in a scientifically reproducible way, we create a world of limitless possibilities.

We also believe it is important to take care of the backbone of our business; our employees. We value the time, skills and opinions of our staff. We will provide jobs which not only provide sustenance for our workers and their families but also allow them the space to make a difference in the world around them. We aim to provide job satisfaction and fair compensation to our employees as well as a fair return to our owners and investors. We strive to create a work environment that is enjoyable and profitable for all.

Vibravision, LLC is a health and fitness business specializing in blindness rehabilitation, using a proprietary method of exercise, meditation and consciousness development. The business began in Ogden, Utah in 2016, and as of this business plan's writing has had Vibravision® evaluated and endorsed by two (2) Optometrists, one Naturopathic Medical Doctor, one State Senator, two (2) former Johns Hopkins University Ophthalmic researchers, a sitting judge, five (5) blind clients from Arizona, and hundreds of witnesses and class participants. At this time, the business wishes to purchase land, erect a new facility, add new programs, expand the training of blind persons and further develop the positive impact on the blind community through the training of instructors who can deliver this to the method to the blind community nationwide.

Although meditation, martial arts and fitness instruction is very prevalent in America, the Merpati Putih (MP) methods of martial arts, meditation, internal energy work, breath training and rehabilitation are unique to the MP USA, Inc. school in Ogden, Utah and found nowhere else in the Western Hemisphere. Merpati Putih has five (5) main aspects of training: Martial Arts forms, Combat, Inner Power, Energy Healing, and Vibravision®. MP USA, Inc. is the chief American representative for all aspects of the Merpati Putih system, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has been charged with the expansion throughout all North and South American countries. Vibravision LLC, in partnership with MP USA, Inc. is focused solely on the Vibravision® aspect, in order to bring a new form of nonvisual skill to those with limited or no sight.

Products and Services
Vibravision LLC has a professional teaching staff. Our teachers provide the knowledge and expertise in learning the Vibravision® methods. Each teacher has specific qualifications and training that enables them to provide each client with individual assessment and guidance.

Vibravision LLC will offer the following services:
- Weekly group classes, two classes per week
- 6-day Immersion Events in Utah - Instruction for sighted, blind and low-vision persons
- 30-day Immersion Events in Utah - Instruction for blind and low-vision persons
- Six (6) to eighteen (18) month live-in training - Instruction for blind and low-vision persons
- 6-day Immersion Events for blind and low-vision persons in their location/State
- Trainership opportunities for sighted, blind and low-vision persons
- Franchise opportunities for qualified persons or entities
- Training for U.S. military forces

Marketing Strategy

Interest in meditation, energy work and martial arts disciplines is at an all time high nationwide, with Utah being no exception. The population of Weber County is 251,700 with a growth rate of 1.80% (United Census Bureau, 2017). As of 2016, there are 54,000 vision impaired persons in the State of Utah, and these numbers are steadily climbing. Our location is within a short distance of the Ogden Intermodal Transit Center, creating ease of access for clients to reach Vibravision LLC facilities. The key to success will be attracting both sighted and vision impaired people to learning the Vibravision® skills.

The Vibravision® training for sighted clients started first as a pilot project in November 2014, and continued over a period of two years and five months to prove its efficacy medically and scientifically. Since this initial program, Vibravision® has been proven and documented. Through the VibraVision Foundation, further grant funds will be sought from various sources to expand this invaluable service not only in Utah but nationwide so that blind persons may receive this training at little or no cost to them.

The various Vibravision LLC programs will be marketed so as to target their intended audiences as effectively as possible. The programs will be marketed as “Vibravision®”. The trademark for the Vibravision® name is held by Vibravision LLC within the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Several marketing strategies will be utilized:
- Ads, online blogs, and write-ups in local community newspapers.
- Brochure racks and yard signs, to be placed with permission in or near local businesses.
- Referral business from satisfied Vibravision® clients, which has been our most profitable method of marketing thus far, as it is with most martial arts and meditation programs.
- Vibravision® demonstrations held at schools, malls, fairs, etc. to promote classes to the public.
- Brochure racks and window ad placement in area businesses promoting Vibravision® programs.
- A website has been created and submitted to all major search engines by Posting Freedom, making it easy for persons with internet access to locate the Vibravision® program. Furthermore, the level of SEO will be upgraded upon project funding to further increase Vibravision® website traffic substantially. The website contains videos, photos, testimonials, blog posts and details of all Vibravision® programs. The address of this website is https://vibravisionusa.com/. Enrollment will be accepted on-line through the PerfectMind software platform.
- Utilization of marketing materials provided by Martial Arts Wealth Mastery (MAW). This software is able to market effectively through mass emails, voice broadcasts, ecards, direct mail and SMS messages to people who have provided their information at a Vibravision LLC event or have inquired for more information in person, over the phone, through email or via the Vibravision LLC website.
- Promotion of Vibravision®will continue to be done in medical and scientific circles. Training of the blind in America and Indonesia, as well as the study of Vibravision®, will be the main and most important promotions of Vibravision LLC.
- Active publicity opportunities through public speaking engagements, workshops and television appearances, as well as more celebrity endorsements, will be sought all advertising materials will include information for Vibravision LLC; including website, email, phone numbers, and school address so that interested persons are able to contact Vibravision LLC as conveniently as possible.

Competitive Edge
The competitive advantage of Vibravision LLC is that it is the only school of its kind, and offers a non-visual skill to sighted and blind persons, not available anywhere else in America. In addition, Vibravision LLC has created an environment that is relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable in programs that are focused on the clients’ progress. The validity and effectiveness of the Vibravision® discipline has been documented, and plans will be expanded to secure further grant funding for the continued expansion of this service within Utah and nationwide. As this is a very specialized program, advertising will be conducted through Orientation and Mobility centers, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) and the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), to best target the specific demographic for whom this program was developed.

Operational Plan

Nathan and Mike Zeleznick are the highest ranked Americans in the Merpati Putih system, having been hand selected, trained and tested by the 11th generation heirs to the system personally in Yogkyakarta, Indonesia. They have been given exclusive rights to any and all activities pertaining to Merpati Putih within North and South America, and MP USA, Inc. is the registered Trademark holder for the Merpati Putih name and emblem within the United States. Said Trademark is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Management Plan
Mike will focus mainly on his role as Chief Instructor, National Expansion Director, retention manager as well as work in client care, promotions, enrollment and sponsorship and training of new members.

Nathan will retain direct control of all of these operations in a managerial capacity, focusing more intently on instruction and retention of clients, promotion of Vibravision® programs locally and nationally, development and promotion of further Vibravision® research, management and payroll of employees, securing of further funding, development and handling of all business, legal and government documents.

SWOT Analysis

- Vibravision LLC is formed on the backbone of MP USA Inc., a business that has been in operation for 19 years, with access to a large database of past and present clients.
- Vibravision LLC has proven the Vibravision® skills to medical and optical professionals, political figures, celebrities, blind persons and the public.
- Vibravision LLC is actively training sighted and blind persons and continues to recruit new clients to the program.
- Vibravision LLC is located close to two airports: Salt Lake International Airport and Ogden-Hinckley Airport, as well as a commuter rail station: Ogden Intermodal Transit Center.
- Through Mike Zeleznick, Vibravision LLC has received training and information from the most knowledgeable instructors in the world.
- Instructors for Vibravision LLC have more than 30 years combined Vibravision® training and instructing experience.

- Vibravision® is an unfamiliar method in America.
- Vibravision® has yet to be fully quantified by Western medicine and science.
- Training methods are intensive and require a significant degree of time, commitment and dedication to become proficient in these skills.
- Prerequisite training courses are required prior to beginning training in the Vibravision® methods.
- Vibravision LLC has yet to franchise or expand into other markets.

Human Resources

We also believe it is important to take care of the backbone of our business; our employees. We value the time, skills and opinions of our staff. We will provide jobs which not only provide sustenance for our workers and their families but also allow them the space to make a difference in the world around them. We aim to provide job satisfaction and fair compensation to our employees as well as a fair return to our owners and investors. We strive to create a work environment that is enjoyable and profitable for all.

Vibravision LLC plans to employ six (6) full time employees and ten (10) part time employees in the next five (5) years. Vibravision LLC plans to hire employees to fill the following positions once funding has been obtained, and a sufficient amount of growth has occurred:

Enrollment Director - The Enrollment Director (ED) will attract clients to Vibravision LLC by directing admission strategies through determining, communicating, and enforcing human resource methods. He/She will be responsible for establishing enrollment processes through evaluating trends, analyzing critical measurements, and accumulating resources for Vibravision LLC. Working closely with management, the ED will develop financial strategies by estimating, forecasting, and anticipating requirements, trends and variances. He/She will initiate corrective actions to minimize the impact of variances. The ED will be the first point of contact for prospective clients. He/She will maintain communication with clients through multiple methods of contact: telephone, text, email, direct mail, etc. The ED will welcome new clients to the program and Vibravision LLC facilities, and will assist in staging/hosting events to attract prospective clients to the program(s).

Office Administrator - The Office Administrator (OA) will undertake all administrative duties, ensuring the rest of the staff is operating smoothly. The tasks of the OA include bookkeeping, mentoring office staff, and assisting management in training and scheduling. The OA will coordinate office activities and operations to provide efficiency and compliance to company policies. He/She will supervise staff and delegate responsibilities. The OA will manage agendas and appointments for the management team. He/She will assist in creating and maintaining budgets, bookkeeping procedures, and maintaining records and databases. The OA will be responsible for maintaining stocks of supplies and placing orders as necessary. He/She will prepare monthly reports, and prepare presentations for investors, potential clients, and other duties as management sees fit.

Front Office Staff - The front office staff duties will include answering phones, greeting guests and clients, handling company inquiries, and sorting and delivering mail. The office staff will help in scheduling meetings and making appointments. Office staff will be expected to keep front entry clean, issue guest passes/badges, take and relay messages, schedule and update calendars, and send faxes and emails as requested.

Teaching Staff - Teaching staff will be chosen clients that have proven sufficient knowledge and skills of Vibravision® methods. Teachers will clearly communicate with individuals and large groups of clients. Teachers will know and understand the history and values of Vibravision LLC. Teachers will assist management in planning classes and tailoring the training sessions to the skill level(s) of the client(s). Teachers may also administer exams to clients to advance to the next level of training within the Vibravision® system. Teachers will assist with administrative duties as assigned.

Social Responsibility


Future Plans

Our five-year plan is to have three to five branch locations throughout the U.S., as well as having full-time live-in training available for the blind through The Vibravision Foundation.  Also within the five-year plan is to have Vibravision studied and understood medically and neurologically so that we, as people, can better understand how powerful the mind is when properly focused, and just how much we can accomplish.

Financial Year Dec-2018
Revenue $48,597
Cost of Good Sold $0
Taxes Paid $214
Net Income ($2,802)
Total Assets $24,955
Cash & Cash Equivalents $24,955
Accounts Receivable $0
Total Liabilities $0
Short-term Debt $0
Long-term Debt $0

Dividend Policy
As the Company is still in early stage and the operating profits and the proceeds from the Offering will be largely used for business expansion and we cannot guarantee that dividend will be paid as dividends to the Shareholders. 

In proposing any dividend payout in the future, the Board of Directors of the Company (the "Board") shall take into account, inter alia:- 

a) the Company's actual and expected financial performance; 
b) retained earnings and distributable reserves of the Company;
c) the level of the Company's debts to equity ratio, return on equity and the relevant financial covenants; 
d) the Company's expected working capital requirements and future expansion plans; 
e) general economic conditions, business cycle of the Company's coaching business and other internal or external factors that may have an impact on the business or financial performance and position of the Company; and 
f) any other factors that the Board deem appropriate.
January 1989
Five Merpati Putih (MP) members began training in Vibravision®

Five Merpati Putih (MP) members began training in Vibravision® in East Jakarta with Mas Budi Santoso Hadipoernomo (known simply as Mas Budi), one of two 11th-Generation royal heirs to the MP knowledge.
January 1991
The first blind people (around ten of them) began training in Vibravision®

The first blind people (around ten of them) began training in Jakarta by Mas Budi. Every day he picked every student up, trained them, and drove them back home. He was also developing Vibravision® training in Yogkyakarta (central Java) and Malang (East Java).
January 1993
Twenty-five Indonesia's commando paratroopers began training in Vibravision®

Twenty-five of the Kopassus – Indonesia's commando paratroopers – began training in Vibravision® with Mas Budi. Since then, it has become a standard practice for certain Kopassus teams.
January 1998
Nate Zeleznick contacted the Saring Hadipoernomo Foundation

Nate Zeleznick contacted the Yayasan Saring Hadipoernomo (Saring Hadipoernomo Foundation) in Jakarta about the usefulness of Vibravision® in training blind people. He became the foundation's contact in America and began arranging the first-ever demonstration of Vibravision® in America.
August 1999
First public demonstrations in the US

Nate and Mike Zeleznick arranged for several Vibravision specialists and trainers (2 of whom were blind) to come to Utah with Mas Haryadi Sulaiman, a Vibravision specialist and MP trainer for both the Kopassus and Indonesian Army. The team demonstrated Vibravision® for the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind and gave another demonstration at Weber State University, which was covered by Channel 4, Channel 5, and Channel 13. Nate traveled to Washington D.C. with the Vibravision team to give a demonstration in the Indonesian Embassy for Indonesian Ambassador Dorodjatun, the Embassy staff, and the public. After the demonstration team returned to Indonesia, Nate and Mike began training in Utah as the first-ever non-Indonesians to learn MP. Dr. Heru Hendarto, MD – a former MP trainer of the Indonesian Special Forces – was charged with their training.
December 1999
Nate and Mike began training in Vibravision®

After an accelerated and intensive three-month training regimen, Nate and Mike were tested and became the first officially recognized American MP members on January 1, 2000. They continued their relentless training schedule through spring and summer.
September 2000
Nate and Mike became MP trainers

Nate and Mike arranged to have the two 11th-generation royal heirs to MP and a team of Vibravision® practitioners (only one of whom was blind) to come to Utah. They were tested and initiated as MP trainers and were given permission to open MP training to westerners. A demonstration was held for some of the top Ophthalmologists in the country at the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah hospital in Salt Lake City. They monitored the Vibravision® practitioners closely and were very impressed.
January 2002
Nate and Mike progressed in rank and learned Vibravision® Curriculum

Mas Haryadi Sulaiman returned and, along with Dr. Hendarto, tested Nate and Mike for their next rank. They then spent several days learning Mas Haryadi's Vibravision® Curriculum.
May 2005
Nate and Mike attained Senior Trainer rank in Indonesia

Nate, Mike, and 13 students traveled to Indonesia. Nate and Mike were tested in Yogkyakarta, Central Java, and both attained Senior Trainer rank. The MP-USA team traveled throughout Indonesia demonstrating, training, and sight-seeing. They visited a Merpati Pituh training center for blind people and were treated to Vibravision® demonstrations which included shooting guns at targets, avoiding obstacles, identifying colors. Mike almost lost a game of pool against a blindfolded practitioner and one member demonstrated Vibravision® behind his back.
February 2007
Nate and Mike returned to Indonesia to test for the next rank

Nate and Mike returned to Indonesia to test for the next rank. They took another team of American Merpati Pituh members with them. The team traveled, demonstrated, and trained, and then Mike and the team returned home.
January 2013
Mike created the Vibravision® curriculum used in the US

After 57 straight days renovating their new school location in Ogden, Utah, Mike traveled to Jakarta and lived with the last remaining 11th-generation royal heir to MP, Mas Pung, for 6 months. He lived in Jakarta but traveled all over the country learning from Mas Pung, the two 12th-Generation heirs, Nehemia Budi Setyawan (Mas Hemi) and Amos Priyono Tri Nugroho (Mas Amos), and the most elite Vibravision® trainers in the MP system. After compiling the Vibravision® training methods of these masters, he combined the most effective exercises and training methods into the Vibravision® curriculum used at MP-USA.
November 2014
Vibravision® Acadfemy opened to some students

The Vibravision® Academy is opened to some of their senior students and some of the more advanced child students.
March 2015
Members of MP-USA performed the first in-school demonstration of Vibravision®.

Members of MP-USA performed the first in-school demonstration of Vibravision®.
September 2015
A second in-school demonstration is given.

A second in-school demonstration is given.
March 2016
A third in-school demonstration is given.

A third in-school demonstration is given.
May 2016
The first public Vibravision® demonstration is performed in the US

The first public Vibravision® demonstration is performed at the Infinite Possibilities Higher Consciousness Expo in Ogden, Utah.
September 2016
MP-USA members performed for professionals

A group from MP-USA performed an in-school demonstration for professionals including two representatives from the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind.
November 2016
Vibravision® evaluated by a Doctor of Optometry for the first time

Dave Byington gave a Vibravision® demonstration to Dr. Jonathan Boster, OD and his staff of opticians at Standard Optical in South Ogden, Utah. Dave was given two visual acuity tests by Dr. Boster who determined he had 20/40 Vibravision®. This was the first time that Vibravision® has ever been evaluated by a Doctor of Optometry in America!

March 2017
The MP USA and Vibravision® demonstration team perform on FOX13

The MP USA and Vibravision® demonstration team perform on the FOX13 Good Day Utah morning show.
June 2017
Vibravision® is being introduced to everyday locations

The Vibravision® Team begins taking Vibravision® into the real world, including shopping at Walmart, Winco Foods, Home Depot, setting high scores at arcades, lazer tag, riding bicycles through obstacle courses, driving go-karts and more!
June 2017
Dr. Jeff Wright and Mike Armstrong attended the first Vibravision® Immersion event

Dr. Jeff Wright, the President of the Utah Association of Naturopathic Medicine, and Mike "The Blind Tiger" Armstrong attend the FIRST Vibravision® Immersion event at MP USA.
August 2017
The Vibravision® Team demonstrates their skills for a Utah State Senator.

The Vibravision® Team demonstrates their skills for a Utah State Senator.
November 2017
Tiffany Shearon from SAAVI joins Vibravision® Immersion event

Tiffany Shearon from SAAVI Services for the Blind in Phoenix, Arizona joins Mike Armstrong at a Vibravision® Immersion event at MP USA and commits to traveling to Utah monthly to develop her Vibravision® ability.
December 2017
The Vibravision® Team demonstrates blindfolded Orientation & Mobility, color detection and text reading

The Vibravision® Team demonstrates blindfolded Orientation & Mobility, color detection and text reading for two (2) retired John's Hopkins Ophthalmic Researchers and a Judge.
December 2017
Mas Mike Zeleznick and Mbak Lexi Loftus travel to Phoenix, AZ to train five blind people in Vibravision®

Mas Mike Zeleznick and Mbak Lexi Loftus travel to Phoenix, AZ to train five blind people in Vibravision®, several of whom commit to traveling to Utah as often as possible to continue their learning and perception development.
March 2018
The Vibravision® Team travels to Norfolk, VA

The Vibravision® Team travels to Norfolk, VA to participate in the SaberQuest Light Saber Fencing event.
June 2018
Vibravision® pitched to America's Real Deal TV show

Mas Nate and Mas Mike, along with two Vibravision® Team demonstrators, travel to Fort Worth Texas to pitch Vibravision® and demonstrate on the America's Real Deal TV show hosted by Mr. Kevin Harrington (the original "Shark" from SHARK TANK) and Ms. Forbes Riley (The Queen of Infomercials). Demonstrations are given for influential business leaders, entrepreneurs and film crew members.
Risk Factors
We rely on continuing efforts of Nathan Zeleznick and Micah Zeleznick, the Founders of Vibravision, LLC
The business relies mainly on the efforts of Nathan Zeleznick and Micah Zeleznick to create training curriculums, teaching courses, and oversee the operations of the company. They are also one of the very few certified trainers in the US. If something happened to them the business may not be able to continue.
We have a limited operating history
The Vibravision curriculum in the US was created in 2014 but only available to the public in mid-2016. We have a limited operating history upon which you can evaluate our performance. Our business plan is still in development and we likely do not recognize all of the challenges that may emerge and affect our proposed business.  Accordingly, potential investors must consider the risks, expenses, delays, problems, and difficulties we may face as an early-stage company with little operating history in a new and rapidly evolving market. These risks include:
A.	technical uncertainties in spreading awareness of Vibravision;
B.	uncertainties about the anticipated market for martial art students;
C.	our inability to obtain and integrate technical and managerial resources;
D.	our inability to develop and maintain strategic relationships; and
E.	our dependence upon key personnel in addition to Nathan and Micah.
We may not be able to maintain and increase the amount of students of training courses
We cannot guarantee that we will be able to maintain the number of students attending our training courses. This would affect sales and our ability to achieve our targeted growth and profitability for our business, which include the offering of Vibravision training, martial arts practices, and wellness coaching to individuals.

Vibravision techniques are not yet scientifically proven in the US
We cannot guarantee that our techniques will ever be proven scientifically in the US. This would affect sales and our ability to achieve our targeted growth and profitability for our business, which include the offering of Vibravision training, Merpati Putih practices, and wellness coaching to individuals. We may face challenges from the public that could interfere with our operation and may affect our brand. Defending against such claims may be costly and, if we are unsuccessful, we may be prohibited from continuing to teach these techniques in the future or be forced to pay damages, or other fees, any of which could negatively affect our sales, profitability and prospects.

We are subject to negative publicity
Our Company, management, or training team could be subject to negative publicity, which may materially and adversely affect our brand, reputation and business.

New training curriculums that we develop may compete with our current curriculums 
To further grow our business, we may need to develop new business training curriculums to meet new demands and respond to changes in business environment, market needs, and trends. While some of these curriculums that we develop may compete our existing curriculums and services without increasing our total enrollments. If this happen, our profitability and business could be adversely affected.
Our historical financial and operating results are not indicative of future performance.
Our revenue, operating expenses and results of operations may vary from period to period and from year to year in response to a variety of factors beyond our control, including general business and economic conditions, employment rates, inflation and interest rates, and consumer discretionary income. Therefore our historical results may not be indicative of our future performance. 
We may not be able to adequately protect our intellectual property, which could harm the value of our brands and adversely affect our business and operation.
We may face claims of infringement that could interfere with the use of our proprietary know-how, concepts, technologies, or trade secrets. Defending against such claims may be costly and, if we are unsuccessful, we may be prohibited from continuing to use such proprietary information in the future or be forced to pay damages, royalties or other fees for using such proprietary information, any of which could negatively affect our sales, profitability and prospects.
Our success depends on the continuing efforts of our senior trainers and other key personnel and our business may be harmed if we lose their services.
Our success depends upon the continuing services of our management team, including our Founders Nathan and Micah Zeleznick. In addition, we must continue to attract, retain, and train a sufficient number of qualified personnel. 

Our business depends on our brand and reputation
Our business depends on our brand and reputation as a provider of business coaching services. If we are not able to maintain the brand strength and reputation, our brand value, business and operating results could be materially and adversely affected. We believe that our brand “Vibravision” is instrumental to the success of our business. If the value of our brand or image and reputation is diminished, we may fail to continue to attract potential customers and our business, financial condition, and results of operations could be materially and adversely affected.

If we are not able to continue to attract customers to enroll in our training courses at commercially viable fee levels, our revenue may decline and we may not be able to maintain our profitability. 
The success of our business depends primarily on the number of course enrollments in our training courses and the amount of course fees that our customers are willing to pay. Therefore, our ability to continue to maintain and attract customers to enrol in our courses at commercially viable fee levels is critical to the continual success and growth of our business. 

Advertising and increased marketing effort may not lead to higher course enrollments or increase in our revenue
To increase public awareness of our business and enhance our brand, one of our business strategies is to advertise and run marketing campaigns on social media and Youtube. Nonetheless, despite our efforts and substantial costs incurred in these marketing effort and advertisements, it may not necessarily lead to higher enrolments of our training program or increase in our revenue. 
We may need additional capital, and our ability to obtain additional capital is subject to uncertainties.
We believe that our current cash and cash equivalents, anticipated cash flow from operations and the proceeds from this offering will be sufficient to meet our anticipated cash needs, including our cash needs for working capital and capital expenditures, for at least the next 12 months. We may, however, require additional cash resources to finance our continued growth or other future developments, including any investments we may decide to pursue. The amount and timing of such additional financing needs will vary depending on investments in new facilities, decorations and the amount of cash flow from our operations. If our resources are insufficient to satisfy our cash requirements, we may seek additional financing by selling additional equity or debt securities or obtaining a credit facility.  However, the sale of additional equity securities could result in dilution of the shareholding of our existing shareholders, while the incurrence of indebtedness will result in increased debt service obligations and could result in operating and financing covenants that may restrict our expansion plans and operations or our ability to pay dividends. If we fail to service the debt obligations or become unable to comply with any debt covenants, we could be in default under the relevant debt obligations and our liquidity and financial conditions may be materially and adversely affected. 

Our ability to obtain additional capital on acceptable terms is subject to a variety of factors and uncertainties, some of which are beyond our control, including the general economic and capital market conditions, credit availability from banks or other lenders, investors' confidence in us and our operating and financial performance. We cannot assure you that future financing will be available in amounts or on terms acceptable to us, if at all. In the event that financing is not available or is not available on terms acceptable to us, our business, results of operations and growth prospects may be adversely affected.

We may face claims from our customers
We may face claims from our customers due to personal injuries or even fatal accidents related to the use of Merpati Putih. Our business and financial position will be adversely affected if we have to pay a significant amount of compensation or spend a significant amount of resources on legal costs in the event of legal proceedings. Our reputation may also be adversely affected as a result of such proceedings.

Our insurance coverage may not be sufficient to cover all losses or potential claims
We may become subject to liabilities against which we are not insured adequately or at all or liabilities against which cannot be insured. Should any significant property damage or personal injury occur in our facilities or to our employees due to accidents, natural disasters, or similar events which are not covered or inadequately covered by our insurance, our business may be adversely affected, potentially leading to a loss of assets, lawsuits, employee compensation obligations, or other form of economic loss. 

In addition, we have not maintained insurance policies against losses arising from our environmental liabilities, business interruption, industrial accidents, work stoppages, civil unrest or other activities. Any losses that we may incur which we are not insured against may adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations.

Offering price of the Securities is not an accurate reflection of their value
We cannot assure that the offering price of the Membership Units of Vibravision, LLC (the “Securities”) will be an accurate reflection of their value. The offering price of the Securities is arbitrarily determined by us taking into account our prospects, all as assessed by our management.  The offering price should not be regarded as an indication of any future price of the Securities, and bears no relationship to our assets, earnings, net tangible book value, or any other traditional criteria of value.  
There has been no representation of investors in the preparation of this offering. We have not obtained an independent opinion on behalf of prospective investors regarding the fairness of the terms on which the Securities are offered hereby.  Prospective investors will be relying on the disclosures set forth herein and the additional materials it refers to directly, and on the business and investment background and experience of themselves and any advisors engaged by them, as the basis for their investment decision.
We have the right to, and expect to, issue additional shares or sell stock in isolated transactions
We have the right to, and expect to, issue additional units or sell stock in isolated transactions. Our board of directors has authority, without action or vote of our shareholders. Any such issuance will dilute the percentage of return to Investors. 
Restrictions on transferability of securities
Restrictions on transferability of securities will limit the ability of purchasers to transfer their Securities. Specially,  the Securities being offered may not be transferred by any purchaser of such Securities during the one year period beginning when the Securities were issued, unless certain conditions are met, as described in Restrictions on Transfer of the Securities Being Offered on this Form C.
The Securities offered hereby will be “restricted securities” within the meaning of the Securities Act and, consequently, will be subject to the restrictions on transfer set forth in the Securities Act and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder. In addition, the Securities are subject to restrictions on transfer under applicable state securities laws under which such securities are sold in reliance on certain exemptions or under the provisions of certain qualifications. As restricted securities, the securities may not be sold in the absence of registration or the availability of an exemption from such registration requirements.
We cannot assure that we will pay dividends.  
We do not currently anticipate declaring and paying dividends to our shareholders in the near future. It is our current intention to apply net earnings, if any, in the foreseeable future to increasing its capital base and marketing.  Prospective investors seeking or needing dividend income or liquidity should therefore not purchase shares of our Membership Units.  We cannot assure that we will ever have sufficient earnings to declare and pay dividends to the holders of our Membership Units, and in any event, a decision to declare and pay dividends is at the sole discretion of our board of directors.
You can’t easily resell the securities. 
There are restrictions on how you can resell your securities. More importantly, there is no market for these securities, and there might never be one. It’s unlikely that the company will ever go public or get acquired by a bigger company. That means the money you paid for these securities could be tied up for a long time.
Our failure to maintain effective internal controls over financial reporting could have an adverse impact on us.  
We are required to establish and maintain appropriate internal controls over financial reporting.  Failure to establish those controls, or any failure of those controls once established, could adversely impact our public disclosures regarding our business, financial condition or results of operations.   In addition, management’s assessment of internal controls over financial reporting may identify weaknesses and conditions that need to be addressed in our internal controls over financial reporting or other matters that may raise concerns for investors. Any actual or perceived weaknesses and conditions that need to be addressed in our internal control over financial reporting, disclosure of management’s assessment of our internal controls over financial reporting or disclosure of our public accounting firm’s attestation to or report on management’s assessment of our internal controls over financial reporting may have an adverse impact on the value of our Membership Units.


The securities offered by the issuer here are private placements. You should read the followings before investing in these securities:

Investor Alert: Advertising for Unregistered Securities Offerings (by SEC)

Private Placements - Evaluate the Risks before Placing Them in Your Portfolio (by FINRA)

Informed Investor Advisory: Private Placement Offerings (by NASAA)

More Questions & Answsers (

The information provided is a summary only. Please review the full offering documents (Form C) for a full description of the company and offering.

You can cancel an investment commitment until 48 hours prior to the offering deadline.


19.2% target $25,000

to go
Funding Target $25,000
Maximum Target $107,000
Pre-money Valuation $7,000,000
Equity Offered 0.36% - 1.51%
Securities Type Membership Units
Regulation Regulation CF
Closing Date 31 Dec 2020
Unit Price $2.00
Units Offered

12,500 - 53,500
Units Issued After Offering

3,512,500 - 3,553,500

Corporate Profile:
Company Name
Vibravision, LLC
Jurisdiction of Incorporation
Date of Incorporation
26 Oct 2016
1710 Wall Ave
Utah 84404
Major shareholders:

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