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Established in 2016, dedicated in helping entrepreneurs on fund raising through equity crowdfunding. Mr. Crowd is a FINRA member and also a SEC-registered equity crowdfunding platform, where a community of retail investors invests their money in small to medium-sized enterprises. Through Title III of the JOBS Act, enterprises can raise capital by selling part of their business to retail investors, and raise up to 1 million USD in a 12 months period.

Mr. Crowd provides one-stop company incorporation and crowd funding services. Not only do we assist qualified enterprises to register their business in the US and set up a company bank account, we are also partnered with professional legal consultants and CPAs to help entrepreneurs with any legal advices and accounting needs. All of which are here to help enterprises to raise funds on Mr. Crowd equity crowdfunding platform. The professional team here at Mr. Crowd is committed to providing entrepreneurs any assistance and consular services.
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Company Incorporating and State Registering

Applying for Employer Identification Number

Opening an U.S. Company Banking Account

CPAs Provide Accounting, Payroll, and Taxes Related Services

Legal Consultants Provide Legal Advices and Drafting of Documents

Fundraising Through Equity Crowdfunding
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Mr. Crowd can assist you with incorporating and registering in the 48 Contiguous States. While each state has their own set of corporate laws and protections, we recommend incorporating in the state California, Delaware, or Nevada. As Mr. Crowd is located in California, we can provide immediate and convenient assistance for companies that are incorporating in California. As for Delaware, you can apply to waive tax if your income and operation are all located overseas. And if you choose Nevada, other than being able to apply for overseas operation tax waiving, you can also enjoy waiving personal tax and patent tax.

State Profiles


Delaware(DE), is a state located in the Northeastern regions of the US. It was the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, and has since promoted itself as“The First State”


Nevada(NV), is a state located in the Southwestern regions of the US. It is known for its tourism industry. It is officially known as the“Silver State”because of the importance of silver to its history and economy.


California(CA), is a state located on the western coast of the US. It’s the most populous state and the third most extensive by area. It is also officially known as the “Golden State”.

How small is too small to incorporate?

Some entrepreneurs at times feel that their business may be too small to incorporate. How small is too small to incorporate? No business is “too small” to incorporate. However, if you work in an industry that is prone to legal disputes, or you have a high net worth that could be jeopardized in a bad business transaction, you may want to consider incorporating your small business.

Where should a business be incorporated?

This depends on the nature of the business. Some states require corporate entities to incorporate within their state if the business conducts a large amount of business within its borders. This is often referred to as “foreign qualification.” If your corporation has a physical presence, generates a significant amount of revenue, and has a significant amount of employees working in another state, the business should register as a corporation in the state where it conducts its business. It is no surprise that more companies have incorporated in Delaware than in any other state. The common misconception is that incorporating in Delaware offers a business added benefits not available in any other state. The following information will show some of the drawbacks of incorporating in another state while conducting business in a different state.

Using California as an example, here are some drawbacks when a California business incorporates in another state:

Extra fees – When a California business incorporates in another state, they incur double filing fees. A corporation is required to pay filing fees to the Secretary of State in which it is transacting business and pay the Secretary of State fees where it is incorporated. If a California business has incorporated in another state, they will still need to register as a foreign corporation in California. In addition, a business will also incur the extra annual fees for a registered agent in the state of incorporation if they do not have a physical location there. These fees are typically several hundred dollars each year.

Extra Franchise Taxes – When a business incorporates in another state such as Delaware, the company will be required to pay annual franchise taxes in both states — the state they are actually doing business in such as California, and the state of incorporation.

Extra Reporting Requirements - If you incorporate in another state, you will have two layers of reporting requirements and will need to comply with the reporting requirements for both states. For example, if you incorporated your company in Delaware, but are physically located in California, your corporation would have to comply with the reporting requirements of both Delaware and California.
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