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Vibravision (VBR)

We revolutionize the paradigm of human consciousness


0% of target $50,000

0 investors

to go
Fragrance of Heaven (FOH)

Custom and naturally crafted scents candles


5% of target $50,000

4 investors

to go
Business Minds R&D (BMD)

Emotional Intelligence Training for Your Business


0% of target $52,500

0 investors

to go
Organic Living (OL)

Thriving Organic Living: We Offer Solutions Not Band-Aids!


0% of target $50,000

0 investors

to go
GEMSS North America (GNA)

Develop and distribute state-of-the-art medical devices globally


1.5% of target $100,000

4 investors

to go
Armored Citizen (TAC)

Nearly invisible protection for citizen's everyday use


7.6% of target $50,000

3 investors

to go
Success By Media (SBM)

At Success By Media, we believe in training differently.


16.6% of target $150,000

12 investors

to go
Uni-Boil (UNI)

We offer a great tasting and price-for-value hotpots and Chinese dishes

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